compact reverse umbrella

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It's raining outside and you are in the car... even tho you came prepared you are still getting wet... YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? well if you had the inverted umbrella this wouldn't happen. The umbrella is designed for these day to day struggles.  It will allow you to open the umbrella from the car door with a little opening, and while opening it will cover you so you won't get wet. Walking into building or back on to cars the wet area is folded into the umbrella so it will dry faster, and keep the wetness away from you and your stuff. The umbrella is big, enough to cover multiple people, but its folding technology allows it to compact into this small handheld umbrella. This allows it to be carried anywhere with you. It's also great for the sun to block UV light, and can withstand strong wind. Carry one with you to prepare for any weather. 

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Umbrella radius: 60cm
Umbrella diameter: 106cm
Umbrella length: 32cm
Umbrella height: 67cm
Umbrella handle length: 9cm
Umbrella weight: 410g