Smart WiFi 1080P Night Version Car Dash Cam

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Do you own a car? Of course you do ! Well this is a must have for your car. A Digital recording device. You might ask, why would I need a camera for this car, well the reason is simple. First, this will be great help in any accident, or traffic issues. This will serve as your strongest backup when any traffic issues come up. For example, when encountering a crash, it will not be your word against his or hers, it will be your word, and that's it. You have evidence to show to the police when it comes to it. This will also be great for any other traffic issues, with this device you will be able to record it all. It will record everything that happens while you drive, so it won't miss the important scene you need it to capture. 

This device is a smart device, and it can be voice controlled. It has night vision so no matter the time of the day, it will be there to record everything for you. It is wifi connected so, everytime you park at a wife location, it will connect and allow you to access the recorded clip with yout other device.

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